NW ACDA Conference General Overview

NWACDA Conference General Overview:


Depart Trinity Episcopal: March 12, 2022 

approximately 6 hours travel time to Spokane

Current Plan (subject to change)

Singers be at Trinity 7:30am

Bus Leaves Trinity @ 8am

Arrive Spokane ~ 2pm

(rehearse, eat, perform, hotel, sleep)

Performance Concert in Spokane: 8pm

Will stay overnight in hotel

Return to PDX: March 13, 2022

Current plan is to leave Spokane @ 10am (subject to change)

Bus Arrival: Trinity Episcopal approximately 4pm.

Conference Covid-19 Protocols

*Special Note: Each singer will be responsible for paying $100 to offset the costs of this trip. If this is a hardship for your family, scholarships are available. Just contact the PYC office. (pacificyouth@aol.com)