PYC@Whitman, Marysville, and Wattles Boys and Girls Club

A 2009 Chorus America study shows that choral experience for young people improves academic performance, develops stronger social skills, leads to better emotional expression and management, and increases participation.  We have seen this first hand with our students at PYC@Whitman and Marysville!

In fall of 2016 we initiated a pilot project, PYC@Whitman, to broaden our commitment to musical equity in underserved communities. PYC@Whitman is a PYC choir that meets twice a week at a Whitman Elementary school in outer southeast Portland. This choir serves singers in third to fifth grade and is intentionally directed towards communities where it might be difficult to travel to Portland on a weekly basis. Started in the fall of 2017, Marysville School became the site of our second Neighborhood Choir program. In the fall of 2018, our third location will be at Wattles Boys and Girls Club.