Attendance Policy

Posted by Maria Karlin on September 12, 2018


Our goal of creating beauty and community in music depends on having every singer in attendance. We are a team and when we miss singers it limits our ability to grow together as a community in music and beauty. Please prioritize rehearsals and know that we miss you when you are not with us, and each singer helps the beauty!

If you must miss we have an attendance form on our webpage ATTENDANCE FORM. Please fill it out, rather than calling or emailing the office.

Please carefully read our attendance policy.

Concert performance guidelines:

• Singers are expected to perform in all scheduled Pacific Youth Choir concerts. Exceptions are made with prior approval of the director. Please contact your director at least three months in advance to discuss your request.

• Singers are required to participate in pre-concert dress rehearsals (usually 1-5 days before concert)

• A singer whose attendance average is below 80% at the time of a ticketed concert, will be asked to schedule an individual “part check” with their director to show competency in singing her music (correct pitches and rhythms, language pronunciation, breath marks, style choices, and movement/choreograph) and readiness for the concert.  

• Rehearsal Attendance average is calculated by dividing the number of hours present at rehearsal by the total rehearsal hours possible.
80% attendance means missing no more than:

  • 4 rehearsals, September–December
  • 3 rehearsals January-March
  • 4 rehearsals, March-June

• Out of respect for the rest of the choir, a singer whose attendance falls below 60% at the time of a ticketed concert will not be allowed to perform in the concert.

A running tally of absences will be kept and printed on sign-in sheets for your convenience to help you and us keep track. We love having you at rehearsal and when the choir is complete, that's when the best work toward our goals can be accomplished. We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

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