WONDERFUL ACDA classes -  Oct 27

Posted by Maria Karlin on September 26, 2018

Oregon ACDA Fall Choral Workshop Saturday, October 27, 2018

HS Sight Reading Skill Building Workshop – Steve Peter, Clinician

This workshop is designed to help entry-level singers become more familiar with the exciting concept of reading choral music (pitches and rhythms) on sight. Sight singing (or sight reading), is a skill that’s developed over time, and the goal of this workshop is to help broaden and enhance singers’ individual skill set. Our focus will be on familiarizing participating singers with solfege scale awareness (through the use of Curwen hand signs), and basic rhythm reading. The day will include varied group experiences to learn process and reading strategies on how to incorporate basic skills within your own school’s choral program. This Skill Building workshop is designed for 50 high school singers. Please register your singers early. Steve Peter will be the workshop’s facilitator. He’s been working with high school singers and their choirs for many years and is eager to see everyone improve their individual and collective sight reading. It’s all about improving your own choral literacy and spending the day with others who have the same desire to become a more proficient and valued singer.

High School Sight Reading Advanced Bootcamp -- Steve Zielke, Clinician

This session is designed for moderately experienced sight-readers in high school and college who enjoy the challenge of sight-singing and are interested in pushing their skills to new levels. The workshop mostly focuses on high school level choral octavos using Curwen hand signs and movable do solfege.
Send your section leaders and more ambitious singers to pave the way forward for your entire ensemble to move to the next level of literacy. The day will include 30+ choral pieces in various styles, rhythmic exercises and practice sheets based on OSAA Sight Reading examples.
Register early as this session is limited to 100 singers and any number of adult directors. This is an advanced learning experience not to miss!
Dr. Steven Zielke, Oregon State University, Patricia Valian Reser Professor of Music

Adult Director’s Session -- Ethan Sperry, Clinician

You have heard his choirs perform. You have seen his arrangements in print. You have witnessed his choirs ignite a concert hall in performance.

You have been amazed, right?!
Now, you can experience the magic that Ethan Sperry brings to choral music performance first hand.
Sign up for the Adult Director’s Session at the Fall Choral Workshop and learn from one of the brightest minds of our generation. You will receive a packet of music, receive instruction on teaching and conducting techniques, and perform a couple of tunes at the end of the day along with the student groups.
What a great way to earn PDU’s and capture some inspiration for the 2018-19 season of singing!

Registration is $50 for ACDA members. $60 for non-members. $10 for college students $30 for ms and hs students.

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