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“This is what it’s all about. What joy to witness the power of music radiating from these young voices.”
Dawn Upshaw, 
world-famous soprano, three-time Grammy Award winner

“Mia is a fine and spirited conductor, capable of inspiring the kids while controlling and molding their sound.”
—Anne Dhu McLucas, Ph.D., 
Professor of Music, University of Oregon

“Mia’s devotion to musical excellence inspires everyone who sings with her, as demonstrated by the spirit and energy of her performances!”
Robert Kyr, Ph.D., 
American Composer, Chair of the Department of Music Composition at the University of Oregon

“Her musicianship, good humor, and choir management make singing with Mia Savage a rewarding artistic experience.”
Dr. Rodney Eichenberger, 
internationally recognized conductor

"Her attitude produces results. I saw it in myself and I saw it in other people.”

—David Seal, 
college student, chorister with Mia for nine years

“PYC has been a lifesaver for several of our albums. They learned Ukrainian for ‘Carol of the Bells’ in one afternoon. They learned Arabic for ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in one hour. I don’t imagine there’s another organization in the country where the leader is totally game for any adventure. They have this very mature sound. It’s joyous.”
—--Thomas Lauderdale, Founder and Artistic Director, Pink Martini