PYC@Neighborhood Choir Program

A 2009 Chorus America study shows that choral experience for young people improves academic performance, develops stronger social skills, leads to better emotional expression and management, and increases participation.  We have seen this first hand with our students at PYC@Neighborhood Choirs!

In fall of 2016 we initiated a pilot project, PYC@Neighborhood Choir program, to broaden our commitment to musical equity in underserved communities. PYC@Neighborhood Choir program serves singers in third to fifth grade and is intentionally directed towards communities where it might be difficult to travel to Portland on a weekly basis. PYC@Neighborhood Choir program choirs will be restarting fall 2022 and we're hiring to expand the program!

HIRING! : Pacific Youth Choir (PYC)@Neighborhood Choir Director /Teaching Artist

● 2 days a week for one hour -  After School Rehearsals Weekly,
● 1 Concert or Similar Public Event 2-3 times per year,
● 30 minute Artistic Staff Meeting Weekly Via Conference Call
● 1 Artistic Staff Meeting Every 1-3 Months (Approximately 3 total)

● Prepare and execute all lesson and rehearsal plans within the guidelines of the goals and curricula of PYC as they pertain to the level of Nova and Cascadia choirs (3rd-8th grades)
● Recruitment of sufficient singers to establish and maintain a choir of no fewer than five (5) members and grow the choir to higher numbers throughout the year.
● Network with teachers in the Neighborhood Choir’s school and encourage them to talk about the choir
● Plan and conduct two (2) 45-minute rehearsals on designated weekdays at the Neighborhood location.
● Assist and co-direct Fall into Song! from 9:00 AM-3:00 pm on Oct 29, 2022
● Attend and co-direct additional rehearsals as required prior to concert performances and scheduled field trips.

PYC requires a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance, choral music education, conducting (or related fields) OR 3 years of conducting experience conducting elementary (ages 8-10). People of the global majority encouraged to apply.

Compensation: $7,500 Base Rate
Supervised By: Executive Director in coordination with Artistic Director

Please submit your resume via email