PYC welcomes all students who love to sing and have an interest in developing their voice and choral artistry. We have a choir for every student: those who are just beginning to sing and those who wish to continue their voice studies. PYC accepts students from Kindergarten on up.

  • Music Makers: Kindergarten
  • Nova I : 1st - 2nd   Nova II :  3rd - 4th Grades
  • Rapids (Girl Choir)/ Rogue (Boy Choir): 5th - 8th Grades
  • Cascadia: Middle School (6th - 8th Grades)
  • Pacifica: Treble Voices 9th - 12th Grades
  • Tsunami: High School Men
  • Pacific: High School 9th - 12th Grades
  • Chamber Choir: High School

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Music Makers: 1:00-1:40 PM
  • Nova I : 1:45-2:45 PM
  • Nova II : 1:50-2:50 PM (NOTE: new time)
  • Rapids (Girl Choir)/ Rogue (Boy Choir): 2:50 - 3:50 PM
  • Cascadia: 4:00-5:00 PM
  • Chamber Choir: 4:00-5:00 PM
  • Pacifica: 5:25-6:50 PM
  • Tsunami: 5:25-6:50 PM
  • Pacific: 6:50-8:00 PM

Rehearsals are held Sunday evenings at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 147 NW 19th Avenue, corner of NW Everett St. in Portland.

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Contact Information

Ruth Finn
Pacific Youth Choir
Phone 503.780.1675

In Residence at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
147 NW 19th Avenue
Corner of NW Everett Street, in Portland

Annual Fees

Yearly Tuition (see below) plus additional $100 annual singer admin fee.

We have a 3-tier tuition fee structure. 100%, 80% and 60% tuition amounts are listed, families choose the option that works for them depending on their financial circumstances. If these amounts still pose a financial burden families are asked to fill out a scholarship form.

Choir                               60%           80%           100%
Music Makers               
$241.20     $321.60     $402
Nova 1 and 2                $382.80    $510.40     $638
5th graders                   $444.60    $592.80    $741
(Now known as Rapids (Girl Choir) and Rogue (Boy Choir)
Cascadia                        $531.60    $708.80     $886
(includes Rapids and Rogue)
Pacific                            $679.80    $906.40     $1,133
(includes Tsunami and Coro Pacifica)
Chamber Choir                                                    $225

Tuition partially covers salaries, music, operational costs, etc. Costs for uniforms and for travel to national and international festivals are the individual student's responsibility. All tuition payments are due by the start of the season. PYC offers limited scholarships so that all interested and qualified singers are able to join the choir.

Additional Fees:

Annual Singer Admin Fee - $100

PYC Polo - for retreat and off site rehearsals $14

The Annual Pacific Youth Choir Retreat
Essential for all singers in high school and middle school
RETREAT: Pacific, Tsunami, and Coro Pacifica (high school choirs) - Sept. 6, 7, & 8, 2019 - $140.00
RETREAT: Cascadia (middle school choir) Sept. 14-15, 2019 - $95
RETREAT: 5th graders in Rapids (Girl Choir) / Rogue (Boy Choir): Sept. 14, 2019 - $60

Concert Uniform

Choir Dress, the concert attire for treble singers in Coro Pacifica and Rapids, costs $85.00. Dresses are kept at the office. Call to come in and try some on.

Tuxedo, the concert attire for singers in Tsunami and Rogue choirs, is purchased independently.

Nova and Music Makers wear long sleeve, white shirts/blouses with black pants/skirts and black socks/tights and shoes; all are purchased independently.

Work Uniform, a blue polo shirt with the PYC logo, costs $14.00. The polo shirt is worn for workshops, informal performances, and other occasions when the formal uniforms are not required.