Who We Are

Since 2003, Pacifc Youth Choir has been a benchmark for choral excellence in the Pacific region of the United States. This Portland based youth chorus serves hundreds of young singers, aged 5 to 19. With a goal of connecting every singer to a higher experience of life through music, PYC continues to touch the community with a wide range of music making.

Now in its twenty first season, PYC remains true to its core values and artistic goals: to connect every singer in every choir to a higher awareness of life through music—touching choristers’ lives in positive ways that they take back to the community. The atmosphere is collaborative, joyful, and disciplined. Committed, focused work leads to true accomplishment. Developmentally appropriate musical and choral challenges keep pace with the singers as their skills mature throughout each choir year.

Pacific Youth Choir is now made up of ten choral ensembles, with ages ranging from five to 19:

  • Nova I, K, 1st + 2nd grades
  • Nova II, 3rd–4th grades
  • Rapids, 5th–8th grades
  • Rogue, 5th–8th grades
  • Neighborhood Choir: PYC Whitman elementary school
  • Neighborhood Choir: PYC Aloha Huber Park elementary school
  • Cascadia, 6th–8th grades - treble voices
  • Coro Pacifica, 9th–12th - soprano and alto voices
  • Tsunami, 9th–12th - tenor, baritone, and bass voices
  • Pacific, 9th–12th grades - soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices

With hundreds of students representing many Portland metro area schools, Pacific Youth Choir is widely acclaimed as one of the finest choral programs on the West Coast.

Mission Statement

Pacific Youth Choir changes lives through high level choral artistry in an open, joyful, and nurturing environment.  Through practice, performance, and education singers build their skills and emerge as confident young adults with a lifelong love of music.  PYC strives to inspire audiences as they work together to create musical excellence.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the benchmark for choral excellent for young people in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond the field of choral music, we aspire to shape our community by fostering lifelong skills, unity, and empathy in young people. We aim to create a world where choral music is a catalyst for connection and positive change.