Pacific Youth Choir is a complete graduated choral program. It features ten auditioned choirs and serves singers from kindergarten through 12th grade. Graduated members are welcome to sing in the Alumni Choir.

 As PYC members mature in their choral skills, they take on developmentally appropriate musical and choral challenges. A broad range of choral literature develops their musicianship, tone, and artistry and opens singers to a life-long love of making music with others. Interested in becoming a Pacific Youth Choir singer - CLICK HERE!

Pacific: Grades  9th-12th soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices

Close to 125 voices make up our high school choir. This highly motivated and talented group sings a wide range of challenging, exceptionally high quality, 4- to 8-part choral literature. Pacific applicants must have prior singing experience and demonstrate good reading skills and vocal technique.

Conductor: Mia Hall Miller

Coro Pacifica: Grades 9th-12th treble voices

More than 80 high school treble singers make up this talented treble choir. Coro Pacifica singers must be able to hold their own part in 3-part treble harmony. Good music reading, vocal technique, and prior choral experience are required for entrance into this group. Coro Pacifica singers are also Pacific Choir members.

Conductor: Mia Hall Miller 

Chamber Choir - We are postponing the start up of Chamber Choir due to rebuilding PYC.

Chamber Choir singers are dedicated, talented members of Pacific who are capable of and ready to work at an extremely intense musical level. Prospective Chamber members undergo a multi-step, extensive audition process. If asked to join the Chamber Choir, they must commit to extra rehearsals and performances. Most importantly, they are expected to be leaders and role models for all other PYC members, and ambassadors of PYC in the wider community.

Conductor: Mia Hall Miller 

Tsunami: Grades 9th-12th tenor, bass, and baritone changed voices

High school-aged tenors, baritones and basses make up this choir. Tsunami singers have great fun while singing beautiful choral music. The singers in Tsunami are also members of Pacific Choir.

Conductor: John Baker

Cascadia: Grades 6th-8th treble voices

Primarily made up of middle schoolers, Cascadia singers refine their vocal technique, sight reading, and strong part singing skills. Singers must be in at least 6th grade to audition for this choir.

Prior singing with sight reading ability is desirable for entering Cascadia. The choir does accept talented singers with no prior choral experience.

Conductor: Kaeli Porter

Neighborhood Choirs - starting back up fall 2022!!

PYC just received a grant form Chorus America to support our Neighborhood Choir program!! Thank you Chorus America!! 2016 marked the first year of our PYC@Neighborhood Choir program! We are HIRING conductors to help expand the program! Click here for more info...

A 2009 Chorus America study shows that choral experience for young people improves academic performance, develops stronger social skills, leads to better emotional expression and management, and increases participation.  We have seen this first hand with our students at PYC@Whitman!

In fall of 2016 we initiated a pilot project, PYC@Whitman, to broaden outreach to underserved communities. PYC@Whitman is a PYC choir that meets twice a week at a Whitman Elementary school in outer southeast Portland. This choir serves singers in third to fifth grade and is intentionally directed towards communities where it might be difficult to travel to Portland on a weekly basis. Started in the fall of 2017, Marysville Elementary, is the site of our second Neighborhood choir!


Rapids (Girlchoir): Grades 5th-8th
Rogue (Boychoir): Grades 5th-8th

As girls and boys move into adolescence, their physical vocal development diverges widely. Separate boys and girls choirs allow us to focus with each group, helping them understand and make the most of their changing biological vocal abilities.

Conductors: Kaeli Porter, John Baker

Nova I : Grades 1st-2nd

Nova II : 3rd-4th

Nova singers solidify the choral foundations of music reading, good tone production, and structured choir rehearsals and performances.

Conductor: K.K. Friar

Music Makers: Kindergarten (combined with Nova 1 for the 2021-2022 season

Our youngest choir focuses on introducing a foundation for musical enjoyment and good tone production.